Our Core Values

Without exception, our relationship with you will be founded on these 9 Core Values.


1. Mutual Trust & Understanding

We will earn your trust by telling you the pure, undiluted truth – as we understand it – all the time.

2. The Plan Comes Before The Portfolio

Our relationship will only have meaning and value through the development of your personal Integrated Wealth Management Plan™ “IWMP”. Your portfolio is never anything more than a function of your IWMP. A portfolio is never an end in itself.  

3. Objectives Versus Performance

We wished to be judged on you achieving your objectives and lifetime goals, not on the latest performance measures of your Portfolio. We help our Clients “live life with purpose”.

4. Take appropriate risks, not unnecessary ones

We will help you to quantify the risks that should and need to be taken, if any; we will also inform you of when it is prudent to transfer those risks to third parties such as insurance companies. We will tell you when you need to take on risk and when you do not.

5. Time in the Market rather than Timing the Market

Successful investing is about time in the market rather than timing the market. This means holding a steady course and allowing time for your investments to grow rather than chasing the latest get rich quick scheme.

6. Long term view

Lifetime objectives are just that; things that should be achieved within a lifetime, not within 6 months, a year or even 5 years. Often our work can impact generations. We will therefore take a long-term view.

7. Engagement & Action

We promise to engage with you, to take action and to deal with all communications promptly and efficiently. It is very important that you reciprocate in this regard. All the planning in the world will make no difference unless it is acted upon. 

8. Walking the Talk 

Whilst of course money and work are very important, these are not the be all and end all for us. Equally important is that we “Walk the Talk”, have some fun on the way and indeed “Live our Lives with Purpose”. This means that there will be times when we ourselves are away from the office traveling, fulfilling our ambitions, climbing our own mountains or reconnecting with nature. 

9. The World is Full of Abundance

For all the short-term uncertainty that may exist in the world, there are countless reasons for long term optimism. Wealth, prosperity and improving health is spreading across the globe. Poverty is being eradicated; once dreaded diseases are now curable. Technology is changing millions of lives for the better. History teaches us to be long term optimists.

What we do?

It is the nature of our world today that financial arrangements are more complex and confusing than ever. Independent Financial Advisers, Planners and Wealth Managers are ideally suited to be the most important and useful guides in helping you achieve your goals and in gaining financial clarity and security.

Our process

During and after the initial meeting we will look to establish what is important to you and what your key objectives are. Once we have this information, along with some hard facts about yourself, we will then move onto our research and production.

Service levels

We specialise in helping family orientated clients who are usually over the age of 50, have assets in excess of £500,000 to invest, have recently sold or are in the process of selling their business and / or are within 3 years of retirement, or already retired from a business or one of the professions such as accountant, solicitor, engineer or senior management.

Affinity background

Affinity Integrated Wealth Management, a trading style of Buryfield Grange Ltd, was formed in 2002 and has grown steadily by building long term trusted relationships with clients ever since. Although formed in 2002, the origins of the business go back much further than this as Ian Painter, our Managing Director, has been advising clients for well over 25 years now.